Friday, April 8, 2011

The more you know 2, electric boogaloo

Today I had fleaful dogs and no flea shampoo. I generally don't use flea shampoo anyway because I'm not a fan of all the chemicals, but this situation required a powerful solution. I hate fleas.

I have some scented shampoo purchased for Mr. Beagle who, unfortunately, is often malodorous. But from experience I know that, despite the fact that I've heard that all soap will kill fleas, this "fresh smelling" stuff does not.

The Girl wanted to help with the bathing process, and I expected that she'd get in the water, so I decided to just go ahead and use some people shampoo in order to avoid exposing large amounts of her body to doggie soap.* I decided to go with my new bottle of Herbal Essence Color Me Happy (What? Shampoo for colored hair? Why would I need that? It's not like I have lots of gray hair that I need to cover up or anything. No way.).**

Guess what? That stuff kills fleas like nobody's business.

I've got three clean, sparkling dogs and some dead fleas. Am I concerned that the stuff I put on my head on a regular basis is apparently toxic to tiny, hard-shelled insects? I am not. (Well, not very anyway. OK. A little.)

So now you know. In the last two days, I've enlightened you to a handy flea killing product AND to the fact that public restrooms don't actually flush all the urine down on the first try. I've also taught you how to make popcorn using a bag, popcorn, and a microwave. And oh yeah, I've given you lessons on where to park too. You almost can't afford to not read this blog on account of how much valuable information you would miss.


*Please don't inundate me with messages on how human shampoo isn't good for dogs because it has a different pH etcetera, etcetera. I've been grabbing whatever is on the shelf in my shower for years and it's been fine. I'm pretty sure dog shampoo companies started that urban legend. (Shampoo at your own risk. Your mileage may vary.)

**I'm pretty sure it's not grammatically correct to have a period, a close parenthesis, and another period. So sorry. 

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