Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ariel's doing some covert superhero work

The Girl is currently playing with The Boy's Batcave which she insists on calling "The Batman Castle." Currently a bunch of princesses have taken over and are, I dunno, either saving people or redecorating.* Actually, knowing The Girl, they are probably doing both, and also grooming some dogs and performing surgery.  Because that's how she rolls.

UPDATE: I tweeted this to Adam West. I'll let you know if he approves.

*I asked what was going on in the Bat Castle at the moment. Apparently Sleeping Beauty is a police officer helping Snow White down from the top of one of the towers. "She's not getting in jail though. Sleeping Beauty is just helping her down." Good to know. 

(This is the Batcave/Batman Castle in question. The Girl and visiting children have played with it more than The Boy has. At least it gets used/the dust knocked off of it every so often.)