Friday, April 15, 2011

This is the way my life works

This morning I walked The Boy into class at 7:30am, and then drove The Girl to school at 8:30. While in the car with The Girl, someone from The Boy's school called to talk to me about a recent evaluation. I asked if I could call her back since I was otherwise occupied.

After dropping The Girl off I went to the post office to mail our check to the IRS via certified mail. While there I forgot that there's supposedly a certified mail waiting there for me, so I'll have to go back later. That's ideal. On my way out, I got a phone call from my doctor's office, who very apologetically informed me that the lab screwed up and I need to come in and give more blood for another test. Excellent. I told her I'd be there at 1, right after their lunchtime, so that I could get in and out in order to make it to the library to drop off overdue books and to the store to buy more ant spray (that's another story) before picking up The Boy at two and then The Girl after that.

Then I came home and called the school to talk about the evaluation and finally sat down to work shortly after 10. I took a break in order to let the rabbits out but otherwise worked until, surprise! The phone rang. The Boy is sick. I cancelled the phone call I was supposed to make with an interviewee who would rather talk by phone than email and then went to get The Boy, who might not be all that sick but who did barf and who is so tired that he's currently sacked out on the couch.

I resumed working and clocked in another 15 minutes of billable time before realizing that, with The Boy asleep, there's no way I'll be making it to the doctor to have blood taken again at 1. Now I've got to call them and let them know I'll be coming sometime in the nebulous "later." Meanwhile, my lunch is ready, and The Boy's orange icy I made is back in the freezer. It's only 12:30. Wow.


  1. i'm saying a prayer for you. juggle, juggle, juggle. REST!

  2. I've had those days. Hang in there!

  3. Thanks! I'm sure it's a fairly common slice of working motherhood.