Monday, April 4, 2011

No shit, Sherlock

My son, who has medically documented ADHD,  brought home a report card with "Needs Improvement" marked in the areas of "Following Directions" and "Listens Attentively."* I refer you to my recent blog entry titled I FORGOT MY TOWEL as evidence that we knew that already. Also, the part where we go to doctor's appointments as often as once a week to balance medicines to help him reduce his hyperactivity to the point where he doesn't vibrate but attempt to avoid a condition of constant sleepiness and/or trigger his Tourette's is also a clue. And the fact that he has a 504 plan (a school document) that indicates that he's supposed to have some accommodations made for the fact that he can't stay focused (amongst other things) is also a good reminder. But thanks for the note on the report card. I'll get right on that. 

*Fortunately, his teacher warned me ahead of time that he would receive these marks. Otherwise, I might have been a bit annoyed. :) 


  1. Boy, it sounds like the school is just chasing it tail trying to cover it's own butt. Teachers need to learn to make allowances for kids still having their meds figured out. It took 7 years before I had the right dosages on my meds! Good luck with this! :)

  2. Thanks, Jean! Glad things got sorted out for you, but seven years... YUCK!