About Me

My name is Brenna Fender, and I'm a freelance writer who has somehow carved out a niche writing and editing for competitive dog sports. Dog training is my hobby and I currently have dogs that compete in agility and dog disc, and my Border Collie is a Trick Dog Champion as well. I'm  also the Associate Managing Editor of Clean Run Magazine and Special Projects Manager for Clean Run as well. I'm branching out into humorous, personal/family essay types of writing, and I have written several flash fiction stories that have received Honorable Mention awards in Women on Writing contests.

I'm also the mom of two children, four dogs, two rabbits, and several tanks full of creatures. Thankfully, I have a husband who doesn't mind all the crazy. Mostly.

Both kids have rare disorders. The Girl, who is 11, has a Chiari Malformation. This is a condition in which the brain extends into the spinal column, where brains aren't meant to be. Her diagnosis at 18 months old came after a colorful and painful journey that ended at a hospital halfway across the country from our Florida home. Her neurosurgery at age 20 months was successful and we hope/expect that she will not need further treatment. She is smart, funny, creative, and now-unaffected by her health problem, although she is small for her age. She is a former synchronized swimmer  (out due to injury) and Harry Potter enthusiast.

The Boy, who is 14, has Tourette's Syndrome Plus. The "Plus" means that he is also plagued, in varying degrees, by many of the acronymed disorders that also affect Tourette's sufferers.We have worked hard to relieve him of symptoms and set him up for success. It's tough, but the payoff is big: he is doing exceptionally well in school, he's mostly happy and healthy, and he impresses people with his sense of humor and excellent conversational skills. His activity level and debating abilities keep me very busy. He loves video games, playing flag football, and annoying his immediate family members.

I'm always exhausted, and I spend ridiculous amount of time cleaning up something's poop and/or vomit. I like music, books, training dogs, animals, talking on the phone with friends, cracking jokes on Facebook, and laughing. I have a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and a Master's degree in Elementary Education. I'm enamored with celebrity and daydream about being a rock star. If you'd like to make me famous (or just say hi), email me at BrennaFenderWriter@gmail.com. Also, please check out my professional blog at brennafender.com. 

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