Best of the Blog

OF COURSE this entire blog is made of awesome. But if you're short on time, these articles are the ones to read (according to me, anyway).

I make major fun of some preschool art projects:

Things that didn't happen to me while I was in New York City:

Here's why I can't operate my toaster:

Got a nagging pain problem? Yeah. Me too:

A reflection on how predictions I made about my recent work trip actually panned out:

A look at how new pups remind us of our dearly departed dogs:

An equal opportunity post about cats (well, not really EQUAL):

Why you shouldn't use a pillow pet as a barf bag:

A letter to the maker of Chex Mix:

Someone's lacking class in this picture:

2010 in review:

Do you know the difference between a spider and a SPIDER?

More letters to various things, made fancy by my first-grade graphics: