Monday, April 11, 2011

Maybe it's the drugs

I had a horrifically painful day today, so maybe that's why I found these funny exam answers so hilarious. I'm pretty sure I dislodged something laughing at them. My favorites are "banana car," "I drew a lion," "giraffes are heartless creatures," "please enjoy the whale," "take out the centi," and "chompy." I love how creative the test takers are, showing that they are very intelligent even if not well-prepared/informed about the test topics. And I really appreciate the teachers who gave them credit for it. Awesome all around.

Which made you laugh the hardest?

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  1. CHOMPY!!!!

    Also, LOVE "giraffes are heartless creatures"

  2. Thanks, ladies! These totally finished of a rotten day on a high note(well, not totally rotten... my mom bought me new clothes, which means I can throw out the shorts with all the holes/all my shorts).

  3. That was so funny I accidentally woke my baby by laughing. It is right up there with

  4. Love! It's one of my favorites for sure. Glad to give you some laughs, and that I'm not responsible for your baby missing sleep. :)