Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If you have a girly girl at home you need this nail polish

I recently went shopping at Walgreen's, my favorite place to go when I need to pick up prescriptions and also desire to come home with a pile of crap I never knew I needed. I stumbled upon this nail polish (ON SALE!) and decided that The Girl and I had to have it.

What's so great about this polish, you ask? IT CHANGES COLOR IN THE SUNLIGHT! So indoors it is a faint iridescent-looking pink, but outside it looks like this:

They have tons of colors, some that change from blue to green, lots of pink shades, and some that barely change at all (what's the point of that?). I can tell you for sure that my toenails are wicked happy about this whole thing, and The Girl can't stop looking at her fingernails when we go outside (this can be dangerous when crossing the street).

While I do accept ads on this site (not that I'm making any actual money from them, mind you), THIS IS NOT ONE. This is just one girly-girl's mom telling the rest of the world's girly girl moms: you need this polish.

(It's also good for moms that are girly girls themselves (would that be womanly women?), or people like me who just like weird toenail polish.)

Looky! You can buy it here on Amazon.com.* ---->

*OK, so THIS PART kinda is an ad.