Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's like Superfriends, only naughtier

Tonight while I was getting The Girl ready for bed, we had this conversation:

Girl: How long will you live? Will you be around a long time?

Me: Oh yeah, I'm not dying anytime soon. I'll be around at least until you have a baby and make me a grandmother.

Girl: I could make you a grandmother?

Me: Yes!. Just like I made Gram [my mom] a grandmother when I had your brother.

Girl: Really?

Me: Yes, and I made Grandma [Husband's mom] a grandmother too!

Girl: No, Daddy did that.

Me: Well, me and Daddy together. It took both of us together to have babies and make Grandma into a grandmother.

Girl: Wow! It's like you have SUPER POWERS! You have super powers when you and Daddy get together!

Me: [Laughing] Yes. It's just like that.

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  1. precious bedtime story!!

  2. Par for the course in our house. LOL!

  3. Hahahahahaha...Absolutely perfect conversation! I will never get tired of the way kids think.