Sunday, November 27, 2011

Summing it up 11/27/11

Stuff I didn't blog about this week:

  • Some of my articles were posted online at and they are free for anyone who is interested in reading them. They are all dog sport related, so if that's not your thing, well... you can still click and enjoy my awesomeness. Or don't and just say you did. I won't know the difference.

Competing for the Cup

USDAA Holds the 2011 Cynosport World Games

The AKC's Youngest Triple Threat

  • Offline, I gave my second speech in a week on what it's like to be a freelance writer and editor. My first "lecture" was to my son's class at The Great American Teach-In (otherwise known as "Career Day") and the second was to my dog training club at their meeting. After that one I started thinking that maybe I could give talks to writer's groups and, you know, get paid for it. Maybe I'll look into that after the first of the year. When I have more time. Riiiggghhhttt!

  • I finally started working seriously on an e-book I'm doing for Clean Run Magazine. It's designed as a companion for Clean Run and a resource for agility newbies and instructors. So far the agility glossary is 31 pages long. And counting. OY!

Up Next: I have lots of deadlines coming up, with one article due on December 1 and three due on December 3. I also have a whole bunch of editing responsibilities and deadlines in there. It's going to be a hairy week.

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