Friday, November 11, 2011

Pee-Ku Cup

This is my last one.
No more clever cups for you...
I'm sure I'll be back! :)

Thursday was my last instillation, which means that I no longer have to pee in a cup once a week and then have large quantities of odd smelling medicine "instilled" in my bladder in a less-than-pleasant manner. I prefer to keep my urethra catheter-free, thankyouverymuch. 

All-in-all, the instillations were helpful in reducing the pain I feel from Interstital Cystitis, and each one was less painful than the one before, so I'm glad I did it. Do I think I'll never have to do it again? No, I don't. It's a lifelong disease and I'm sure I'll need these treatments again in the future. At least the next time I'll know what I'm in for and I won't be as nervous. And I'm thankful that I'm not one of the IC sufferers who must catheterize her/himself three times a day to do instillations in an attempt to just survive without being in agony. I've been in pretty bad shape myself, but not to that point. I plan on continuing to treat my IC aggressively to stay on top of it. This is not a disease you can let get away from you. Well, actually, it IS a disease that you can let get away from you, but then it snowballs into a disastrous mess that requires physical therapy, drugs, and a lot of agony to get out from under. 

I hope I'm never that person again. I'm paying attention this time.

And now, since this is a humor blog, I give you the Umbilical Brothers, who make me laugh:

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  1. The Umbilical Brothers are awesome! Do they have a bit on Noggin now? I know I have seen them before...
    Glad your treatments went well, Brenna.

  2. Thanks! The Umbilical Brothers did one season of a Noggin (now Nick Jr.) show called "The Upside Down Show." It was very clever and funny!

  3. See... I KNEW it! No more pee cups. :(

  4. Can you just write on cups of apple juice once in a while?

  5. Just for you... :)

    I actually had to leave a sample today but I was unprepared and forgot to take a phone/tablet in with me to take a picture. I'm sure I'll have regular urology appointments and I'll craft something good just for you :)