Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cup #5/Why Walgreens doesn't suck as much as I thought

"Roses are red
Apples are too
Most urine is yellow
But mine is often BLUE!"

This week's cup credit goes to my aunt, Jan Fender. People were sending me funny things to say but most of them centered on the idea that urine is yellow. But the pain medications I take makes mine varying shades of blue. You'll have to take my word for the fact that this week's sample lived up to this rhyme quite nicely. 

I have one more week of instillations and then I will take a few weeks off before returning to discuss the current state of affairs with my urologist. I've been feeling pretty good as long as I keep taking the pain meds regularly. 

Speaking of pain meds, I owe Walgreens an apology for every evil thought I've sent their way since they starting having all phone calls go through that damn call center. Well, actually, I can still hate on Walgreens for that, but I have mad props for a pharmacy tech named Alicia, who is picking up my old pain pills (Prosed) from another Walgreens on her way home from school tonight. It seems that the meds that work best for me are on back order, so I've been trying Uribel (what a dumb name) and I've discovered that it makes me drowsy and dry-mouthed. I can handle the latter, but not the former. I'm taking three medicines that all have the side effect of making me tired. I don't have time for tired!

So Alicia got on the phone and tried to find out what is going on. It turns out that Prosed won't be available until December 16. But a Walgreens in a neighboring town has some left, and it's somewhat near where she goes to school at night, so she's going to get me some to get me through until the manufacturers get their crap together and make my pills. I'll have them tomorrow, and Alicia will have some chocolate as a thank you because she completely rocks. Which is more than I can say for the crabby pharmacist at the same Walgreens, who couldn't be bothered to help me try to figure out what medicines were more likely to be equivalent and available to begin with. 

Wait, did I just start hating on Walgreens again? Sorry. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read about my bladder disease here. 

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  1. Wait so do they still make Prosed? I thought it was discontinued years ago. The uribel makes me dry and tired too but Prosed didn't. So the manufacter will be making Prosed again for sure?

  2. Prosed has been being made, but was on back order just recently. I was not able to get it on the 16th, when they claimed it would be ready. But I did get a generic. Now I'm finding out that all of these pills are not supposed to be taken with Elavil, which is also used for IC pain relief. This probably explains why I've been feeling crappy.