Monday, November 28, 2011

A cup of... coffee?

Today I had a follow-up visit at the good old urologist's office. I had to use a different kind of urine specimen cup today and there was a disappointing lack of writing space. I drew one of these stupid blobby guys that I've been drawing since junior high school. I usually put a hat on them but this cup had a bumpy section prohibited that so you'll just have to imagine it. It will look better in your imagination than if I drew it anyway.

I have been feeling significantly better. I have even had a few cups of very diluted decaffeinated coffee, which is a nice treat. Caffeine is a big no-no for people having an Interstitial Cystitis problem, but even decaf is considered dangerous because it is acidic. Even MILK is a wild card. Who knew that milk is acidic?

Anyway, the first few cups I made with rice milk and almond milk weren't too great, but I tried my first bit of milk since midsummer in last night's cup and then I was reminded of how much I liked coffee. I'm drinking tons of water and taking Prelief before each day's diluted cup of decaf in hopes that I'll get to keep it in my diet. 

I talked to the nurse practitioner about adding in a multivitamin (vitamins are sometimes triggers for Interstitial Cystitis flares). She recommended trying one while I'm not trying anything else new to see if I can tolerate it (of course). Fortunately, she understood the importance of trying decaf coffee before vitamins. Smart lady.

I spent too much time today trying to figure out when would be the best time to have my one cup of diluted decaf coffee. Yes, I know how pathetic that sounds. I'm not proud. But I *am* enjoying some coffee. 

Oh, and good news for those of you who are fans of the crazy cups: I'm going to be going in for instillations once every six weeks for a while. So although that means I'll be suffering through more catheterizations (ooh, my favorite!), I'll also be writing more weird stuff on cups. All for you. And, you know, for me.

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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling (at least somewhat) better! And Yeah for coffee! ;) -mrohr

  2. the best part of this post is that you are feeling better!! next the coffee!