Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why make it if it's going to get unmade in 12 hours?

Recently, we spent a few days at a hotel on the beach. My kids each climbed into a tightly made twin bed on the first night.

Girl: I need a blanket.

Me: No you don't, there's one on the bed.

Girl: Where? I don't see a blanket.

Me: You just pull down the sheets, under the pillow.

Girl: Really? Wow!

Then The Boy came in.

Boy: I need a blanket.

Girl: LOOK! It's under the pillow! Fold it down!

I started laughing uncontrollably as it became clear that my children have apparently encountered far too few made beds in their lifetimes. We must be horrible parents. Or maybe just untidy ones.

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  1. Haaa, haa that is awesome! I love that.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad my failures bring amusement to other people. It's a productive use of my crazy life, right? :)