Friday, August 12, 2011

I love summer!

I've have spent this summer in the water. Swimming at the YMCA. Swimming at the beach. Swimming in my parents' above ground pool (and hauling the above ground pool covers up over it to keep the leaves out when we are done). Swimming, swimming, swimming.

I love it.

If I had my own pool, I think there would be very few days in which I didn't at least hang out in the pool a little bit. My hair would be brittle and snapping off. My fingers would be permanently shriveled. There'd be no skin on my exposed body unfreckled (oh, wait, that's already happened). But hey, what's not to love about a pool?

But alas, I have no pool. So here I sit, unshriveled. Dry as a bone. BUT WAIT! I do have a bathtub....

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