Monday, August 15, 2011

A gazillion grains of sand

The Girl is starting voluntary pre-K in a few weeks, which means it’s time to get back in the swing of the school year. This will be the sixth (and last) year that I will have a child in this particular school. It’s a wonderful school environment, and I wish that it had an elementary school attached because I’d be all for her going there too (except for the part where I couldn’t afford it, HA!). My only minor complaint is that the school has a white-sand-filled playground, and every school day, my daughter brings home a good part of it in her shoes. And because she hates sandy shoes, she most often removes them in my car, giving it that charming “been to the beach” look.

Rubberecycle is a company that makes rubber mulch for just this purpose. This company makes a unique rubber granule product manufactured from 100% scrap tires. This mulch is excellent for use in playgrounds because it reduces impact from falls, plus it keeps kids cleaner since it replaces sand and dirt found on many playgrounds. Rubber mulch is long lasting and can be purchased in a variety of colors (which little kids might like). Rubberecycle’s website also indicates that the mulch is nontoxic, quick drying (important with Florida’s many rainstorms), mold-free (also important, because all that rain encourages mold growth), and it won’t attract insects (if you’ve been to Florida or read this blog, you’ll know why that’s important too).

While I appreciate the mulch’s safety benefits, I would really, really, REALLY enjoy the fact that it would not wind up coming home in The Girl’s shoes, to be spread throughout my car and house. I really love the beach, but only when it’s, you know, at the actual beach!

This post has been brought to you Rubberecycle. 


  1. What happens at the playground should stay at the playground!

  2. I got my rubber mulch from them! They were so nice and helpful, and I have to say, as a mother, rubber mulch is the coolest thing ever invented! It's so smart, I can't understand why they took so long to come out with it! Lol, thanks Rubberecycle!