Sunday, March 13, 2011

Someone's lacking class in this picture

In every class picture, there’s one kid, somewhere in the frame, messing it up. Sometimes that kid is crying, or has his eyes shut, or is actively screwing up the photo by making a face or baring a usually-clothed body part. Every year, the parents of all the other children sigh in relief that their kid is not the goofball who wrecked the photo for everybody else. 

With today's technology, a photographer has the ability to immediately know if someone has been an ass when a picture is snapped. That same photographer also has the technology to digitally replace parts of one photo with parts of another. Surely Junior wouldn't blink in all 10 shots that could be fired from a digital camera in the span of a minute. Why we still have to pay in advance for a photo that includes 18 kids but only 17 pairs of open eyes, I just don't know.*

When I got my son’s first grade class picture, I eagerly scanned the photo for his smiling face. When I found it, this is the conversation that followed:


Boy: What?

Me: Your class picture!

Boy: I know.

Me: What were you doing????

Boy: I blinked.

Me: !

Me: With your mouth open? Really?


Me: Right.

*I know there's not enough money involved to be worth the time it would take to get the absolute best picture possible with all kinds of photoshopping and whatnot. But surely there could be some attempt made to make sure that each kid looks like an actual child and not an alien. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. BTW, I do think this was a total accident on his part. He's totally up for wrecking a picture but not one going out to all his friends. And if he WAS going to mess up a photo going out to all his friends, he'd make sure he looked cool while doing it. :)

  2. this kid is such good medicine!!

  3. LOL! He's so matter of fact about everything.

  4. My son's fifth grade (individual) class photo was a hilarious mess. He said he was trying to look "Cool," but instead ended up with a lopsided goofy sneer. He was as eager as I was to have it redone on photo re-take day. I think I did end up keeping one of the "Cool" photos for posterity.

  5. Yay for retakes! :) Actually, my son's individual photo came out great. It's just the one everyone in the class buys of the whole group that's horrid. HA!