Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here’s what sometimes happens in my head

While I was getting in the shower the other day, my thoughts went something like this:

I would hate to be President of the United States. What an awful job. Although I guess if someone came up to me and was like, “Please, Brenna, we really need you to do this,” and then I would be like, “Well, if there is no one else….” But then I’d be in trouble because I know nothing about politics or anything so I’d just have to use common sense and tell people what I think. I’m sure that would work.

Why the hell am I thinking about this? I’m so crazy.

Better blog about it.


  1. I think this sort of "daydreaming" actually serves a purpose. It exercises our brains in problem-solving. Yes, the situation might be preposterous, but it shows that you could still cope with it. And I do it, too.

  2. It's weird because I have plenty of daydreams that are intentional, but you are right, maybe these unintentional things ARE the brains way of exercising itself. Very interesting. Thanks!