Monday, March 7, 2011

Awesome and Awful

The little bites have a lot more frosting per bite than the regular ones do. And the frosting is the best part. Frrroooossstttiinnnngggggggg. AWESOME!

Our Baby Alive has a short or is running out of batteries or has become possessed by Satan or something. She spouted random phrases last night until I buried her in some laundry in my TV room. Well, she probably continued talking but I couldn't hear it.  If a Baby Alive talks in the laundry and no one is there to hear it, does she really make a sound? I don't give a crap. But if she talks tonight, she goes in the trash. Outside. AWFUL!

Our Azaleas are blooming! They spend 50 weeks of the year looking like boring bushes and two weeks looking like this. AWESOME!

I love Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta books. Dr. Scarpetta is such an terrific character, the mysteries are great, the scientific details are believable enough, and the plots are fun. I had hoped that this non-Scarpetta book by Cornwell would be good.  It was not. In fact, it was ridiculously horrible. Between the recurring attempts at toilet humor and the animals that grew more unbelievable as the story went on (at one point, the dog typed something; for real), this was just flat-out awful.  There were so many things wrong with this book that I can't begin to describe them here. I wish I could have back the time I spent reading it. AWFUL!

This is my sister-in-law's birthday cake. It's a vanilla cake with fudge icing. We have left overs. AWESOME!


  1. Great, now I want cake!

    Found your blog from your comment on The Bloggess. I wouldn't decorate either!

  2. Carrie, sorry about that. I'd cram some through the internet for you but I think that would be too messy.

    Love The Bloggess! Thanks for stopping by!