Friday, March 4, 2011

Hippo crocs and polka dots - a conversation from the back seat

Yesterday, while driving with my four-year-old daughter, I heard some chatter from the back seat. Then, the giggles started.

The Girl: Ahh!

Me: What's going on?

The Girl: Hippo crocs are eating my pants!

Me: What??

The Girl: (laughing) Oh, no they're not. They're just eating my polka dots.

Me: Oh. That's good.

If I could tap into that creativity, think of all the money I'd make awesome things I could do!

P.S. "Hippo crocs" is really fun to say. I recommend it.

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(These crocs are cool, but they still don't bring the awesome like hippo crocs.
Buy them anyway. ----------------------------------------------------->)

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