Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm sorry, person who has a vomited-on pillow pet.

Someone typed "how to get vomit off a pillow pet" into a search engine and got this post on my blog. He or she* must have been pissed after clicking the link and getting my disgusting vomit story instead of helpful information. So now I'll answer his or her question in case future searches return him/her here:

Wash it in the washing machine.

That's pretty much my answer for getting vomit off of everything that fits in my clothes washer and/or dishwasher. Or bathtub, actually. Bathtubs are handy places to clean vomit off of things, unless it's chunky vomit. Then you have to get the lumps of gunk out of the strainer. No fun.

One time I had to make my dog vomit and I did so in the tub thinking it would be easier to clean up if I could just wash the stolen-brownie vomit down the drain, but I didn't account for the fact that dogs don't chew stolen food AT ALL. The clean-up was ridiculous.


Did this informative post just turn into another disgusting vomit story?


*SHEESH, when are we getting a gender neutral singular pronoun other than "it," which totally doesn't work for people? What a pain.

Search for vomit  (<--------Ha! I actually can't believe what comes up first when you do that.) 


  1. if anyone can come up with a gender-neutral pronoun for humans, it's you! go for it!

  2. HA! You're the vomit lady. Your "vomit" post made my day and made me smile. Is that weird? Thanks.

  3. If barf makes you laugh, living at my house would be one long comedy show :) Thanks!