Sunday, July 31, 2011


A giant SPIDER is hiding in my bedroom (specifically, in my dresser) and I'm already making plans to sleep on the couch tonight. It's true that there could be a giant spider lurking near my couch too, but a spider you know is worse than a spider you don't know.

It's agoraphobia logic.

(What the hell?--->)


  1. That was what I had when I moved into my current house last August. Now, my Orkin guy comes once a month. Hero worthy.

  2. Okay, tell us how you REALLY feel about spiders LOL

  3. Yipes! We had a silverfish problem recently ( Disgusting.
    I found one in the pantry and took the next 2 days to throw food out, clean from top to bottom, and buy a billion dollar's worth of airtight food storage containers.
    Stay strong.

  4. Every now and then we have silverfish. They are so weird. Prehistoric looking.