Tuesday, July 5, 2011

20% less plastic

My bottles of water, which I buy only because I can't find a reusable bottle this same size and shape*, have changed. The lids are about half the size, and the company is super proud of it.

This super special half-lid design and some other modifications mean this bottle has 20% less plastic than the company's previous bottle. This is great, except it now has 50% less of the ability to keep my water inside the bottle. Once opened, reapplying the lid takes talent and sticking your tongue out just right. If you fail in your attempt to fully close the bottle, the new micro-lid will LOOK like it's going to hold your water inside, but unless you hold it perfectly upright, you will expose the lid's failure to, well, be a functioning lid. This has resulted in the inside of my purse getting wet twice before I got smart about it and started double checking. This is an annoyance I just don't need.

Get your crap together, bottle makers. Maybe try 10% less plastic first until you work out the kinks.

(Too big, but probably leak-free------->)

*This matters because they fit in my backpack purse, not because I'm all hung up on this sort of thing. For reals.


  1. Ha! I have the exact same water bottle sitting next to me right now (though mine has been repeatedly filled with tap water and re-used)! I have also noticed the decreased user-friendliness of the new cap. ;) Though I think I've finally gotten used to the new cap, since I haven't had trouble with it lately. ;) --mrohr

  2. Yes, I've gotten better at it. Be careful about reusing those. I know if you wash it in the dishwasher the plastic breaks down can cause cancer. Or so they say, anyway.

  3. I totally love my stainless bottle I have. It will keep ice or heat in it for hours on end even when sitting in the sun. A friend gave it to me and I carry it EVERY where. It's perfect to take to the airport and on assignment. No one picks up my water and walks off with it.

  4. Sounds good. I just need small enough for my purse. I'm really not even picky. LOL!