Saturday, July 23, 2011

So sorry, fella.

I just walked a dog in the dark and grumpily used a leaf to remove a nugget of poop some jackass dog owner left right on the sidewalk. I grabbed the biggest leaf I could find (didn't want to sully my own potential poop bag, I guess) and struggled to remove the stubborn pile from the walkway. When I finally got it free and brushed it aside, it made an odd clanking sound.

Me: Hmm, Spark. I'm thinking that wasn't poop. Maybe it was a rock. Weird.

Spark: Pant pant pant.... (You didn't think my dog actually talked, did you?)

On my way back by I noticed that the poop/rock had slid into a dimly lit area. Surprise! It was a snail. After getting over feeling horrible, I uprighted him (without the offensive use of the poop-protecting leaf). He seemed OK.

And that's why you should mind your own business while walking your dog.

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