Sunday, October 23, 2011

There are some tips you just don't need.

The other day I had nothing to read and I wanted to soak in a bath. Husband was going to the store, so I asked him to get me a trashy magazine like Cosmo. 

Husband: I got you a Cosmo like you asked.

Me: Great, thanks.

Husband: It has Nicki Minaj on the cover. I'm guessing it's filled with her sex tips. Let me know what they are.

Me: If they are Nicki Minaj's sex tips, I'm pretty sure you don't want to know them.

Husband: That's probably true.

After leafing through the issue, I've come to realize that I've outgrown Cosmo, and also that it's basically soft-core porn that you can buy in the grocery store.

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  1. yup, I remember the same epiphany... one of the very few things I've ever outgrown!