Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cup of the Week

On week 4 of my instillations, I didn't have anything really clever to say. Actually, I kind of did... I was going to say "Urine for a treat! I brought donuts. (They are not in this bathroom. You're welcome!)" but my nurse saw me come in with the donuts and she took them and put them in the break room so... PFFT. So here's this week's cup:

It says, "Urine for a treat (donuts) and a trick (you have to deal with my pee). Happy Halloween!"

I'm totally stumped for next week. I can't use any "yellow pee" jokes (I've had several good ones submitted) because most of the time, the medicine makes my urine various shades of blue (which is totally amusing in and of itself, actually). I can't think of any new ways to use "urine" cleverly. I need some serious inspiration for the last two weeks of treatment. Heaven help me if I'm one of those people who needs to do this all the time. I'm just not funny enough for that.

So, help me out here! Give me something to work with! 

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