Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm always thinking about you guys.

While out of town recently, I stayed in a hotel full of Pentecostals going to a convention. They dressed up every day, making me often the only one in the lobby wearing jeans. One day they came back and many of them had fancy up-dos. This particular woman came in and sat down with what can only be described as a rat's nest with a bow in it, and I kid you not, a guy said, "Oh, I love your hair!" 

After I recovered from my astonishment, I immediately started calculating whether I could get a picture of this woman for this blog. I figured that any shutter sound would be my downfall, since these people were devoutly religious but not stupid technophobes. With some experimenting, I determined that if I turned the volume down on my phone, it did not click. Excellent!

So, I held my phone up and pretended to closely examine some phantom text. I took this picture and continued to look at it for another minute to mask any suspicions. There were none. So now I give you this:

You're welcome.

And now I'm going to Hell.

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  1. no mirrors at the salon??

  2. I'm pretty sure there are A LOT of people in this world who don't know how a mirror works.

  3. It's called living in the 'now.'

    I want breakfast NOW. Fix hair later.
    I want lunch NOW, fix hair later.

    I want everything now! Fix hair? really? I was told to just stick a bow in it and I'd look MARVVAHHHHLESSS!!!

    Did you ask to see her new tatoo?

    I can't quite bring myself to live that close to 'now'. FUNNY POST!!!!!

  4. I've seen tidier rat's nests. Good grief that looks like Pigpen's dirt cloud.