Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sometimes all you need for your Sunday night entertainment... to skim through the subject lines in your spam filter. Did you know I can get a penis hard enough to break an egg? (My husband recommends not pursuing that option.) I can also become the "sex magnet of my neighborhood." I vote no on this one because I've seen my neighbors and I don't want to attract any of them.

So I'm not buying anything, but I'm having a laugh while looking. Check your spam filter and tell me what your best subject line is!

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  1. Apparently, I have new messages from Sexy Girl26, 24, AND 20. I am quite flattered actually. I also get 80% off my Viagra at a Canadian drugstore.

  2. I wonder if the numbers relate to degrees of sexy. Like, is Sexy Girl 26 more sexy than Sexy Girl 20?