Friday, December 3, 2010

Mom Dilemma

I just stole a Baby Ruth from my son's Halloween candy. Does this make me a thief or a good mom? Is it possible to be both? Or is it IMpossible NOT to be both?

Screw philosophy and ethics. I have a date with Ruth.

Update: The joke's on me. That was the worst candy bar ever. I had to throw it out without finishing it, and it was only fun sized. I guess karma answered my questions with a mouthful of yuck.

(I could have bought my own bag of not-stale ones.)----------------->


  1. Impossible to not steal from the kids' candy ... it is one of the reasons to have kids in the first place :-)

    However, I am puzzled about one thing - how on earth do you still have Halloween candy left in December!?!? LOL

  2. I'm really overly honest, so I generally don't take the kids' candy without asking the kids if they mind. I make exceptions for candy I know they won't like or shouldn't eat (like gum balls for The Girl).

    The kids got a pretty big stash and I don't think they like a lot of it (plus, to be honest, we generally have candy around so it's not a big deal to get it). They each have a gallon ziploc with their name on it and they have to ask if they can have a piece or two.

  3. Ah,,.. You were just teaching him about sharing, right? :)