Sunday, April 29, 2012

That's OK, you don't know what I'm making about you....

Not long ago, I posted a fantastic spam message that came to a business account for a company. Yesterday, I got a great direct message to the same business's twitter account. This came from a hacked user, and it went like this:

Hi this user is making terrible things about you... [link removed]
Direct message sent by XXXXXX to you 

This message brings up a lot of questions. I can't imagine what kind of terrible things someone might be making that have something to do with me. A statue of my likeness that breathes fire? A computer virus named after me? An unauthorized biography full of scandalous stories (obviously made up because, as you know, I am awesome)? What else could it be?

Also, I'm really torn up about the lack of reasonable grammar in this DM. Honestly, if you are going to go to all the trouble to hack and spam, have a good editor look over your message first. 

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  1. One more thing is that if you're going to hack someone's Facebook account, realize that friends may be able to confirm whether not the person whose account you hacked is A. In the UK and B. Has been robbed at gun point. I received that on an IM. Played a long for a bit just for fun and when I called their bluff, they got quiet very quickly. I had a lot of fun. Tried to get an address, by telling them Western Union would need one. They said they'd give me a bank account. I asked them how they were going to access the account without any ID and at that point, they stopped asking for money.

  2. That scam's been around a while too. I can't believe it's still lucrative for them!