Sunday, April 22, 2012

Red Box rip off?

We don't rent a lot of movies, but Husband read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and wanted to see how the movie was. So he went to Red Box in my local Walgreen's (which is currently out of cherry Zotz because I bought them all) and rented it. This is how it looked:

Yes, that's a DVD with the movie title written on it with a sharpie. These leads me to some questions about how exactly Red Box gets the movies that they provide for the obscenely low price of $1. Does Billy Joe sit in his seedy, McDonald's-wrapper-filled living room and make copy after copy from a movie his boss bought for full price? If so, they're making out like bandits with that one dollar rental fee. Does every Red Box movie look like this or did someone perhaps return a bootlegged copy to the machine while keeping the original?

It was a fine copy of the movie but it didn't come with any extras or anything. Suspicious....


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  1. Wow! I rent form them on occasion but have never received a disc like that.

  2. I had the same reaction, but it's not really written on with Sharpie. That movie is more of a rip-off because it just sucks compared to the Swedish original.

  3. NayNay, in the follow-up to this post I talk about how I learned that it wasn't written on with a sharpie and how I hope I'm not going to get sued by Red Box :)