Thursday, April 19, 2012

In competition for the best spam message ever

I just opened this spam email, which came to a business address, no less. I think it's made of awesome (but, of course, I'm not clicking the link):

Do you want to have sex for a long time, and be the best in bed sama? 

This web portal will help you to be skipped, it will make of thee a porn star 

I m in this store has to order a year-round pills and do not feel trouble, the fastest delivery of all very reliable. - 

[link removed, just in case you have an accidental spasm in your clicking finger--LATR]

Watson Coffee

I need to google "bed sama" for sure because I need to know if I even WANT to be the best at it. Plus, do I want to be "skipped?" And I really like the use of "thee" because who doesn't want a little Shakespeare in their bed sama? Mr. Watson Coffee, you really have this pitch-thing down. Rock on.

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