Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here's looking at you, kid

This doll is in the play area at my son's doctors' office:

I'm not sure how I haven't seen this doll in there before since we spend wayyyyy too much time at this office, but I guess it's because my son doesn't care about dolls (or anything but his DSi, which he likes to play nonstop in the waiting room). When we walked by demon doll here, she was propped up in the doorway eying everyone going in and out of the office. It was impossible not to notice her and her total creepiness. I mean, that messed up eyeball is really bad, but pair it with that "duh" open-mouth look and you've got... you've got... well, I don't know what you've got, but it's horrible. I bet that thing comes to life at night and takes swipes at the cleaning crew with a metal fingernail file that she sharpens during the lunch hour. 

The very least that this office full of very expensive neuropsychiatric doctors could do is whip out a sharpie and give this doll the gift of 3D vision, don't you think? Or, you know, throw it in the trash. That works for me too.

I think I might have a nightmare....

PS-Please notice the metal file, since it took much longer to create than you might think. I suck at art. 


  1. Maybe the doctors are trying to promote a new neurosis requiring future treatment for some unsuspecting victim in the waiting room?! It seems to be working on me!
    Chuckie beware!

  2. OMG. There is something about dolls like that that freak me out. I mean, before you even added the fangs...

  3. I agree. There is something inherently freaky about dolls like these.