Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How am I still sane?

Today is an "early release day" at my son's school, which means he gets out at noon. School regulations indicate that children be served lunch every day, even when they leave at lunchtime. Since he buys his lunch at school, The Boy eats a full hot meal every day. But today we are meeting a friend of The Boy's for lunch and playtime, so I suggested that he bring just a snack to eat at lunchtime so he can still enjoy some chicken nuggets with the rest of us. We first discussed it last night:

Me: Would you like to bring just a snack for lunch tomorrow so that we can all sit and eat together at the restaurant after I pick you up? 

Boy: Oh yeah, yeah, that sounds good.

Me: OK, I'll just pack you something little then.

In the morning before school, we discussed it again:

Me: OK, I packed you just some popcorn and a few pieces of lunch meat for lunch. Then we can eat nuggets and fries with your friend. Sound good?

Boy: Yeah, that sounds good. 

When we got out of the car to walk up to the school, The Boy pointed to his lunch box.

Boy: What's that?

Me: What?

Boy: That, in your hand. What is it?

Me: Your lunch box.

Boy: I'm bringing my lunch today???


Me: Dude, we talked about you bringing a snack so we can all eat lunch together later. Remember?

Boy: What?

Me: Last night and this morning we talked about you bringing some popcorn and some lunch meat so you'll still be hungry when we all meet for lunch today. You know, with your friend. We just talked about this. Remember???

Boy: I have no idea what you are talking about. I want to buy my lunch like usual.


Me: Seriously?

Boy: YES!



Me: OK, let me put your lunch box back in the car then.

I have a headache.

Boobs, a bunny, and The Boy.


  1. This is why I only have dogs. They may be crazy, but at least they don't make me question my own sanity....usually....

  2. Clearly you've never owned a Vizsla. ;)

  3. we have a little absent-minded professor on our hands. love that kid.

  4. I feel like that's my life everyday with my husband. maybe they're wired that way from birth... Hilarious.

  5. Oh no, every day?! Yikes! :)