Friday, February 25, 2011

Five Observations

1. You can tell a lot about a person’s character by how she looks in the skintight halter top she’s wearing in a hospital lobby.

2. It’s amazing how tiring it can be when your child never stops talking. This is especially true when she’s talking about imaginary things.

3. Knowing that your kid probably has a real reason for his attitude problems makes you have a different outlook on his maddening behavior; instead of being pissed off at him for acting like a jerk, you can be pissed off in general when he acts like a jerk.

4. It’s upsetting for everyone if you don’t wear clothing long enough to contain your entire gut. If some of it falls out of the bottom of your shirt, you need to make other arrangements.

5. If you use the word “hip,” you aren’t.

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(She's hip right now. So hip. ----------------------------->)


  1. Oh, yes, I totally relate to #2....Often, I am awakened in the morning by son number 2 with a question like this: "Mommy, who would win, a rattlesnake or a cobra?" Or "Who would win, a lion or a shark?" (This one is way more interesting to me than the first question.) Of course, there are lots of variants on this theme, but then we get to talking about the temperature on the sun, or whether ice cream would freeze or even shatter on the moon. Or how fast could this particular Hotwheel go if it were life-sized. Man, oh man. It never stops. But I love it.

  2. My goodness! Sounds like you have a smart one there! I'm thinking lion vs. shark could be a great blog entry...

  3. Thanks for #3, Brenna. I said something similar to my husband just last week. He didn't understand why I felt that way. He prefers to think the kid is just a jerk, I guess because "jerk" is curable. - Maurna

  4. Maurna, we should totally talk more!!!

    I don't like thinking my kid is a jerk because then I feel like he can help what he's doing, which really ticks me off. That's not a good feeling.

  5. Exactly! - Maurna