Friday, February 18, 2011

This video leaves me with a lot of questions

I just saw this video and clearly the reporting leaves something to be desired. I can't be the only person with a lot of questions after watching it. Click the link below and see what you think.

Watch me now

Here's my biggest question:

HOW THE HELL CAN THIS MAN NOT KNOW WHEN THIS HAPPENED? I mean, what kind of life are you leading when you don't know something of this magnitude?

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  1. I heard postulated that maybe the knife took out part of the brain effecting memory of the event. And of course there is always trauma induced amnesia that people sometimes get - an event so awful your brain shuts the memory away to protect you from it, I think having a knife shoved up through you throat, embedding it in your brain and then breaking off the handle qualifies in my mind!
    Also the story shows the different level of health care there versus here - having suffered frequent headaches, I know it wouldn't have taken YEARS for doctors to have done an x-ray or CT. And luckily those are generally required before MRIs - imagine what would have happened to this guy if they'd throw him into an MRI machine instead of going for an X-ray! No need to surgically remove the knife it has now been sucked out by the MRI magnets! Ugh!
    -Melissa C

  2. Yes, the fact that no one had X-rayed him really stumped me. Such a simple thing....

  3. I hadn't see this video, but had read about this story... Here...
    It has a few more details, still. Quite incredible!
    The bad breath. Oh my!

  4. AH! So at least he knew he had been stabbed. He just didn't know that the blade broke off at the time. That makes better sense. Thanks! :)