Saturday, March 10, 2012


Every so often, I get requests to write about various subjects on this blog. Most of the time, they are ridiculous topics, sometimes things that aren’t even grammatically correct. “Please write about ‘real estate California.’” Sure. No problem. I live in Florida and know nothing about real estate, but I’ll work that in nice and smooth.


But this time… this time the topic is CHEESECAKE! I can get all kinds of behind cheese cake! My favorite kind of cheesecake used to be the homemade Jello kind, you know, with the graham cracker crust? Yum! (I realize that this barely qualifies as cheesecake but whatever. Clearly I'm no dessert snob.) 

Since my teens I’ve expanded my appreciation of cheesecake into the realm of all. All cheesecake. One year at the Dog Writers of America Association annual writing contest banquet, my cheesecake dessert had icy chunks in it because it was partially frozen. You know want? IT WAS STILL GOOD. Not as good as completely unfrozen cheesecake, but still. STILL.

I’m hungry.

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  1. I also can enjoy a frozen cheesecake. I prefer a lemon icebox or a key lime pie to cheesecake, but still good.

    Damn. And now I want cheesecake and it's 11:33 PM on a Sunday night and not even a Jello mix or graham cracker crust to be had. Hey! but I DO have graham crackers!

  2. Ugh, so sorry to have created a cheesecake desire when there was, in fact, no cheesecake!