Monday, March 26, 2012

This post goes a lot of places

My local grocery store had a variety of these "sleepy-eyed" Easter-themed stuffed animals for sale. I think they somehow missed out on the "cute, cuddly" aspect and instead they created a line of stuffed animals that all look high.
Hey kid! Know where I could score some weed?

I regret not taking pictures of the whole Easter High Clan, because the pink duck and yellow chick were really pretty awesome as well. I was surprised to return to the store just a few days later to find all of them gone. I'm thinking this means that 1) someone complained, 2) the store manager realized that these crappily made toys were just too ridiculous to sell next to the spices, or 3) a truckload of people ACTUALLY BOUGHT THEM. Maybe junkies? I just do not know.

If you are out Easter shopping, or shopping for anything other than food, I suggest you NOT stop at the grocery store and instead try stores known for sales of, well, non-food items. If you shop and Kmart, you can get some good coupons and great deals if you look here. We no longer have a Kmart in my immediate area but I just realized that you can actually shop online there (why does this surprise me?). Anyway, I can't say I have a problem with $3 pairs of shoes, so I am all for a trip to Kmart, virtually or otherwise. 

Unfortunately, I know that I will never fit my weird-shaped feet into shoes that I can buy without trying on, so internet shoe shopping is out for me. I have got to try on roughly 478 pairs of shoes before I find a pair that fits and doesn't hurt like crazy. It's one of those cute, quirky things about me that my family loves. Or hates. Yeah, it's probably hates. I swear I would rather go bare foot than wear shoes, except I can't wear orthotics without shoes and if I don't wear my orthotics, my back and hips and knees get all wonky and then.... Wow, I sound old. But I had this problem 10 years ago so I guess parts of me have been old for a long time. 

You know that lazy bunny shops online for all his essentials. But he probably doesn't exert the effort to use coupons and get good deals. He also doesn't appear to wear shoes. Silly rabbit. 


  1. Years ago I realized I had to pay for shoes that really fit... even sandals... it's been worth it.

  2. If a stoned bunny get the munches and eats more 'grass' does it create an infinite loop?

    Poor bunny.... drugs are bad, kids! Don't do like the Easter Bunny does!!