Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thanks. Thanks a LOT.

Dear Kid Who Taught My Son How to Flip People Off,

Right back at ya.


P.S. I'm really going to hate you when The Boy figures out how to do it without using his other hand to help him arrange his fingers correctly.

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  1. Thus why several of my friends home schooled their kids.....sigh.

  2. I'm actually looking at a small charter school that would probably have less of this sort of thing. Fortunately, The Boy doesn't really know what it means, just that it's naughty. I tried to explain but without using words I don't want him to repeat, it didn't get very far.

  3. Yesterday, after school, my oldest said a kid a school told him it's bad to stick up his middle finger. I had to explain the whole flipping people of thing to him and hope he doesn't start doing it.