Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snowman vs. Snowman

Not long ago, I posted a picture of my son's "Snowman from Hell," a three-year-old preschool art project gone Halloween-style (click here to read about it). Recently, my daughter brought her version of the same project home from school. As a reminder, here's The Boy's snowman:

And now, here is The Girl's snowman:

Note the pleasantly shaped eyes, round head, and knowing smile. This snowman just made cookies for you and maybe picked up the ingredients to your favorite meal to make for dinner. She does not look like she's about to commit a felony.

I've decided that these two snowmen look like potential before and after photos. Here are some possibilities:

Before coffee

After coffee

Nazis before opening the ark

Nazis after opening the ark*

Me up late at night

Me getting up early in the morning

Me dropping me kids off at their Sunday School classes***

Me trying to pay attention to the sermon

Harvey Dent pre-accident

Harvey Dent post-accident**
Cleaning up normal stuff

My son asking for something for the 1,725th time
("Maybe this time she'll say yes!")

My son when I say no again

Me in a bad mood

Me in a good mood

I need more sleep, or new make-up, or something.


* This obscure Raiders of the Lost Ark reference is courtesy of Husband and is a replacement for my own funnier, yet horribly inappropriate, deleted caption. (Have no idea what this refers to? Click here, and prepare for grossness.)

**This nerdy Batman reference is also courtesy of Husband. (Click here to see a not-too-graphic illustration of Harvey Dent, AKA Two Face.)

***The second "me" was a typo but I decided to leave it in because pirate-speak makes it even more funny. Do your best pirate impression... you'll see!


  1. New to your blog and I am adding you as a blog to follow. This is hilarious! I am a teacher and I love the differences between boys and girls. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi V! Thanks so much for the comment. I'm glad you stopped by!

    Here's the blog's facebook fan page if you are interested in that sort of thing:

  3. I found your blog after you commented on The Bloggess. These snowmen are HIlarious! I would also suggest fine art comparisons: The Mona Lisa and The Scream.