Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This might be YOUR last Christmas, Taylor

A few days ago, my 14-year-old self was crushed to hear this on the radio:

Goodness knows, one of the only good things about that song is that it was sung by a very young George Michael. My junior high school friends and I would gladly have found the girl who broke his heart* and punched her in the neck. Twice. 

And now Taylor Swift has done a remake? A world of no, people. 

This is the only version of Last Christmas that matters:

I still love you, George. Just not, you know, THAT way.

Also, hello, 80s hair. 

*We didn't know, OK? We totally didn't know.

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  1. I don't know; the Glee cast version from last year was pretty good.
    Melissa B

  2. Yeah, I've heard the Taylor Swift version on the radio- not impressed AT ALL. Isn't it nice to think about our innocent love for GM? Those were the days...*sigh*

  3. Wow that's worse than the Glee version. Leave George Michael alone people! :)