Thursday, June 30, 2011

Til death do us part

The Girl just came back from a one night sleep over with her cousin at my mom's house. It didn't go well, with the girls disagreeing on everything. The Girl is in a "cry at least once a day" phase, so this didn't help. I asked her about it when we got in the car together, post-sleep over.

Me: Did you have a fun time?

The Girl: Well, not really. I was missing you.

Me: Oh honey, but you know I was so nearby and we talked on the phone and everything. I'll always be there for you to come home to.

The Boy: Well, until you die.

Me: Son, honestly! Hush!

The Boy: Hey, it's the truth.

Me: OK, but maybe we don't need so much truth right now.

Good thing I had told him ahead of time that she was tired and needed us to be extra nice to her when we picked her up.

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