Monday, June 27, 2011


This girl just came out of a bounce house at Gator Fred's with her face covered in snot and I feel like I'm now seeing my future.

(I should just buy my own and avoid germville, but I doubt it will be the same.-->)


  1. I no longer let my kids play at the little fun play areas or moon bounces in public places because of the number of times they've gotten pink eye or worse. One time, it was from a little telescope at a pirate exhibit. As my son walked up and put his eye on it, I thought, "Oh no, pink eye..." and sure enough, he got it. The other day, we went to a new dentist who had a giant play area in the waiting room, and my kids said, "We can't go in, right?" I feel so mean, and like a giant party pooper, but dang, who wants to go the the minute clinic ever again for pink eye or strep? Not me!

  2. I have a friend whose kids have the same luck. Thankfully, my kids don't seem to catch too much from these types of places.