Thursday, June 21, 2012

Never smirk, even internally.

Karma's a b!tch.

Today at Vacation Bible School, some of the kids made door hangers. You know, those things you hang on the knob that say something like "Keep out!" on one side and "Come on in," on the other. I'm not sure what, if anything, the door hangers had to do with the lessons of the day, but no worries, it's a fun, innocent project, right?

Well, maybe.

The first door hanger thingo I saw belonged to the six-year-old daughter of a friend. On one side of the hanger, it said, "Cum in," and on the other side it said, "Do not cum in."

I laughed, but only on the inside. Her mom quite calmly complimented the child on her work and gently said, "By the way, come is spelled C-O-M-E." The daughter said, "OK. But I did it myself you know?" and her mom praised her efforts again. I was still smirking a bit, until my son came out with his door hanger.


The Boy flung his work of art at me and then went to wait for his friend. On one side, there was a bizarre drawing, which he later explained to be a scene from a Mario game involving a flag and various characters. It was the other side that got me. It said... get ready...

"Do not do it. I am on the toylit."


I said, "Boy! I can't imagine that your teacher liked this! What did she say?"

All smiles, clearly proud of his naughtiness, he said, "She said if it was bad she was going to throw it out and we would have to make a new one. She didn't throw it out, so I guess she thought it was OK!" He dashed off to resume waiting for his friend.

I'm so proud of his work.

Oh good, another chance to use this photo.

UPDATE: I asked his teacher and she said she did not, in fact, see his door hanger and approve it. Figures.

Clearly, I'm going to need to send this kid to college. I may need to take advantage of upromise online rewards to help make that happen. Plus I should also find Walmart coupons because I'm totally going to need a lot of help. Better start saving now. He really needs to learn how to spell "toilet," at the very least. 

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  1. Boy and Girl's Aunt OrlandoJune 23, 2012 at 8:25 AM

    LMAO! Are you kidding?!?! That's pure GENIUS! Maybe he'll go into advertising/internet marketing and make a gabillion $$:) If he does please remind him his Aunt would dearly love a red lotus.