Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter has gone to the dogs

We're having rather un-Florida-like weather at the moment. There was frost on things this morning, and tonight's low is 34 degrees. My dogs can't help but notice the change.

Oddly enough, my tiny Papillon, all seven pounds of fluff, doesn't seem to mind the cold. Of course, that's partially because he likes to remain an arm's distance away from me at all times, and I'm sure as hell not hanging around outside right now unless I have to. Still, when I send him out to go potty, he's doing his thing just like every day. He handles the cold like he handles the rain: with one big "Whatever." Papillons are tougher than they look.

Is it cold? I hadn't noticed. What are you doing right now? Do you need me to do anything for you? Let me follow you to the bathroom....

Mr. Beagle, Wrigley, is a HUGE wet weather wimp. I'm pretty sure that when he got dumped or lost or whatever it was that caused him to be roaming free without anyone looking for him, he made a beeline for the nearest shelter and said, "Please! Do you have a soft blanket to rest on somewhere that never gets wet? TAKE ME THERE!!!" He actually tolerates the cold better than I would have thought. In cold weather, it's not obvious that he'd prefer to be indoors, but it's suddenly easier to call him inside away from the dogs he chats with in the neighboring backyard.

Oh, dudes, you know I'd love to stay and chat about the weather but my mom's calling and I REALLY have to go. She probably has a biscuit!

But my 10-and-a-half-year-old Whippet, Payton, thinks this whole cold weather thing is RIDICULOUS! She goes out, pees, jumps through the torn porch screen (thanks for that, dog), and starts barking at the backdoor approximately 30 seconds after she going outside. She's half crazy when she comes back in, too. She mopes around in the rain but cold makes her spunky and loud.

Holy crap, people. It's FREEZING in my bathroom! You think it's funny, but if there was no heat in your toilet, you wouldn't be laughing. I'll get you for this. When you aren't looking, I'm going to eat your stuff. Don't think I'm kidding.*

What do your pets think about cold weather?

*She really will eat my stuff. Click here to read about it.

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