Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's grosser than gross?

This picture.

I need to stop using this endless bag of cheap razors and invest in something that doesn't make me into shark bait every time I shave.

Also, why do body parts, taken out of context, look so weird? That's right above my heel, but I'm pretty sure what ups the weird ante is that I took this picture of it while I balanced my foot on the handle of my stove. Isn't that how everyone takes pictures of the bloody backs of their feet?

What were we talking about again?


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  1. learning the hard way huh, Brenna? There's no hair there!

  2. Some how I nick it every damn time anyway.

  3. Here's a hint of how to keep razors sharp: when you're done shaving, dry it off...and keep it out of the tub/shower. It's not hair that dulls razors, it's water! Clark Howard (my favorite cheapskate) actually used the same cheap, disposable razor for a year.

  4. A year, wow! Interesting. Thanks.