Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This is the nicest public restroom I've ever seen.

And I've seen A LOT of public restrooms. Yesterday while running a few errands for two hours I had to pee in my son's occupational therapist's office (that one's nice too) and the one in Best Buy (where no one seems to know how to flush the toilet). This one in my health food store is for sure the fanciest I've ever found in a retail establishment.

You should have seen me backing out into the store in order to take this picture. Thankfully, no one was around or I would have felt the need to explain. "I really like this bathroom...." Yeah, that's not strange.

Maybe I'll start taking pictures of every public bathroom I visit. I could make a coffee table book of bathrooms and start profiting off my bladder disease. It might work, right?


  1. it would DEFINITELY work! the book could be in the shape of a toilet! and it could have scratch and sniff samples of air fresheners! and toilet paper samples you could touch! endless possibilities. i say, go for it, brenna! i'd buy it!

  2. LOL! I guess it wouldn't really be a coffee table book. It would be one you'd leave on your shelf in the bathroom! :)

  3. Fry's has nice ones. You should take pictures of the worst ones too. You know, so your book can be objective.

  4. I don't think we have Fry's here. What kind of store is that? I'll look for it when I travel :)

    I actually thought about that when I couldn't find a flushed toilet in Best Buy. LOL!