Friday, May 2, 2014

A Conversation Between Smart Siblings

Tonight my family went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Three out of the four of us love eating there. The fourth, not so much. And the fourth has a really loud mouth.

But today I got an email that said that, for the next four days, Sweet Tomatoes is having a nacho bar. Yes, that's right. Nachos. Make your own. Unlimited.

This sounded like something that would entice The Fourth.

Said child made it to the table with all yellow food (chips, cheese, and corn). But the rest of us got our groove on and pigged out.

After consuming a plate full of yellow plus some lava cake, The Fourth got bored. He started goofing around with his soda glass. And then this conversation, between siblings ages 7 and 10, happened:

The Girl: What are you doing?

The Boy: Trying to make fart noises on this cup.

The Girl: You know, that's totally inappropriate.

The Boy: Yeah, well you are inappropriate IN GENERAL.

Fortunately, The Fourth was distracted by this conversation and no fart noises disturbed our Sweet Tomatoes neighbors. Also, the nacho bar is just chips, cheese, tomatoes, and peppers. Dial down your expectations.


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