Friday, August 17, 2012

I spent about 20 minutes tonight doing this*

Since we live in a one-story house, we had to get creative with our stairs. This was our most impressive creation. Sometime I'll show all the outtakes it took to get this one. One near-perfect go-round was marred by an unpleasant word (thank you, Tourette's Syndrome), and another perfect run was foiled by an overly excited child who walked in front of the camera, blocking the view.

The slinky is courtesy of a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, where The Boy managed to spend his bazillion tickets on something that was actually fun and didn't break after the first use. For a change.

*Actually that "I" should be "we," since I certainly wouldn't have pursued this entertaining project without the two small people who inhabit my home. Thank goodness their presence reminded me how fun a slinky can be, even when they were fighting over it!

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  1. My son has been bugging me for a year to take him to Chucky E Cheese and today may be the day as it might rain today and we are close since we are at the beach house.